Class of 2013

  • Devan Knight, Clark College
  • Trever Sisson, Clark College
  • Kai Fengchao, UC, San Diego
  • Karissa Huang, Clark College
  • Hayley Meyers, Clark College

Class of 2012

  • Randy Nicholas, Clark College
  • Gabrielle Reiser, Clark College
  • Pico Premvuti, University of Washington
  • Kaylee Brent, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kelsey Marley
  • Dan Taylor, Portland Community College
  • Randy Tran, Clark College
  • Zahra Hannani, Clark College
  • Ryder Johnson
  • Trevor Silva, Clark College
  • Haylee Norval, WSUV

Class of 2011

There were no Seniors this year.

Class of 2010

  • Jaxon Shumaker, Clark College
  • Eric Driggers, Clark College
  • Chris Howard, Seattle Pacific University
  • Meagan Ames, Clark College
  • Connor Milem, Works for IGN

Class of 2009

  • Jordan Breazile, Clark College
  • Nicholas Chase, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Lee Mann, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Nicholas Moore, Clark College
  • Austin Pedersen, Clark College
  • Joshua Ables, Clark College
  • Dakota Creer, Undetermined
  • Jon Groom, Clark College

Class of 2008

  • Oleg P., Washington State-Vancouver
  • Bery Driggers, Navy
  • Chris Williams, Clark College
  • Austin Sepher, Marines
  • Evan Anderson, Clark Alumni, AA Web Design and Development

Class of 2007

  • Shivani Patel, University of Washington
  • Rebecca Nelson, Bringham Young University
  • Brittany Wegmann, Washington State University Alumni – BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Letisa Carnery, Is now a Dental hygienist
  • Morgan Gill, Undetermined
  • Sonia Stats, Clark College
  • Jessica Loper, Portland Community College