About Us

Over the past six years (five seasons of FRC), the Green Wrenches have been active in their community as well as with FIRST, showing to the world that they exist and promoting the importance of science and technology.

The Evergreen Robotics Team: The Green Wrenches; is an organization that brings together students, teachers, parents, and both private and public institutions for a common purpose: to promote challenging, collaborative, innovative, and inspiring technological activities for the young people of the Evergreen community.

The Green Wrenches is truly a team in which our members work together. This is evident in our culminating project: constructing a robot able to complete certain tasks in the annual U.S. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (or FIRST) Robotics Competition. Though projects are developed and built entirely by the students, the Green Wrenches welcomes professionals as mentor volunteers to help teach and cultivate relevant skills, not only those applications specific to a given field, but also skills in leadership, management, team building, and productivity.

The Green Wrenches is one team, made of several smaller teams that work together in a semi-orderly system. Each team runs its own task, that when put all together, gets the robot where it needs to be, how it needs to be, and what it needs to be. Without one of these groups, the robot would never exist.


Our goal as a team is to spark a wave of new teams from over a dozen large high schools in Southwest Washington State. We want to be the catalyst for increasing the competitive base in this part of the United States.


Our team, The Green Wrenches, stands apart from the other teams competing in this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition because we have the benefit of the years of construction, competition, and trial and error experience provided by some of our mentors – the sponsors and now-graduated the first FRC Girl Scout Team in the nation – team 1624, The Green Grinches.


Year Evergreen Robotics Activities & Accomplishments
2007 Founded as a collaboration of Team 1624 robotics team and Evergreen Public Schools’ students. The first high school robotics team in Southwest Washington.
2008 Won Imagery award at Microsoft Seattle Regional Competition.
2009 Established FRC/FTC robotics course in Evergreen Public Schools for students to earn high school credits.
2010 Volunteered at community events (i.e. Dozer Days, CTE Strategic Planning) to educate community members in FIRST Robotics. Presented to other high schools and middle schools in joining with us in FIRST’s goals.
2011 Hosted 2011 Oregon & SW Washington Kickoff,Quarterfinalists – FRC Microsoft Seattle RegionalVolunteered at community events (Dozer days, Fircrest picnic…)

Presented to US Digital and Coast Aluminum

Presented to all high schools in the district and three middles schools and hosted two open houses

2012 Hosted 2012 Kickoff for the Oregon and SW WashingtonWon Oregon Regional Chairman AwardAttended World Championships in Saint Louis, MO


Our Predecessor – Team 1624

Below is the history of the team we derived from written from their perspective:

“Well, in the year 2000, FIRST Lego Robotics came to Portland. Teri Wegmann, the Girl Scout leader, thought it was a really good idea to enroll the troop in it Once our team was established, it was known that an all girl team was hard to find, but an all boy team was easy to find. That year there were three Girl Scout teams to do this, so the council got everyone these green vests that represented the Columbia River Girl Scout Council. Wearing them proudly, we needed a sweet name to go with them. If you don’t remember, Jim Carey’s The Grinch came out on video, so naturally we went for the only logical thing. Call ourselves the ‘Green Grinches.'”

First Robotics… how did you do?

“Well, we did FIRST for three years and each year we became more knowledgeable making us more prepared for what was to come. But anyway, our first year we were the only Girl Scout team at the competition to place in any category. At the time we were very pleased and honored to say that we got third place as the most robust robot at the state level. Second year, we realized that that wasn’t good enough. We really took it up a notch by meeting more and trying to make flawless programs. Although we didn’t take the presentation proportion that seriously. That year we placed 1st in innovative design. Much better being that than most robust. Then our third and final year was the year of Mars exploration. Having the Leaders daughter obsessed with space, she couldn’t say no. This was OUR year. Not only was our robot innovative and fool proof, our presentation was incredible. Having Brittany as a space freak, we nailed all aspects of the presentation. She is really artsy, so the board, to scale diagrams of space housing, and Mars landscape was ingeniously designed with clay and tin foil. The judges we absolutely blown away. To top it all off, all the girls dressed in cleanliness scrubs, hair nets, and glasses. It was truly amazing all the work the girls put in. Maybe that’s the reason why the Green Grinches were first runner up to go to the national competition. They were extremely proud and excited and the best part was everyone knew there name. That’s why we can’t change our name, too many know us from that competition.”

How they went from LEGO to FIRST.

With going so far in robotics and it ending, the whole team/ troop was like, “what now?” Then our friendly neighborhood Ruth Farmer, came to us with the idea of FIRST. Since she was the first to influence Teri to the Robotics scene, no wonder she would be the one pulling us in all directions to be able to compete at this high school level.